5 Crazy Sports Betting Facts

The sports betting world can often be a weird and wonderful place with various oddities and all sorts of goings on. Take a look below at the first part of our series on some of the wackiest facts to do with sports betting around the globe. 

1. Possibly The Best Use of 10p Ever was made by one lucky punter who placed a bey on Leicester City to the win Premiership at the start of the season. moneyThe odds stood at 5000/1, a bet most people wouldn’t give the time of day to. But these things do happen sometimes as we can see. A 500 pounds return on 10p must have been good but he/she will no doubt be wishing they placed that £20 note in their wallet on Leicester. It must have been a real killer for the bookies paying out on this one as despite the ridiculous odds a number of people did place a bet, mainly in the region of £5 or £10. Always good to see the bookies get a taste of their own medicine!

2. The Golfer John Daly Once Lost $1.6 million in just under 90 minutes on $5000 a spin slots in Las Vegas. He funded this particular outing with money from a tournament he had just placed 2nd in. golferOver the years he reckons he has blown a disturbing $50 million plus on his gambling addiction. Personally, I didn’t know golfers made that much but then again he was a big name. Such a waste though and truly tragic to think what that cash could have done for less privileged people.

3. The Global Sports Betting Industry is Worth £435 billion to £625 billion per year. This takes into account both legal and illegal bets. A truly staggering amount of money in anybodies book and enough to cure world hunger for at least twenty years! This is considering world hunger is estimated to cost £20 billion per year. When you compare the figures like that it really makes you think. 

4. Around 70% of All Sports Bets Globally Are Placed On Football. This is a fairly astonishing amount considering it’s calculated globally going to show just how popular the sport is and how many people are backing it adding to the thrill of the sport. fixed match

5. It is Believed That Around 1% of Football Matches Globally Are Potentially Fixed in some form. This figure comes from a sample of nearly 60,000 games that are specifically monitored for unusual betting patterns that would indicate some sort of foul play in altering the outcome of the game. A smaller number of these fixes are believed to be in Europe’s top leagues, around 300 or so which is a mind boggling amount in an arena that you really wouldn’t expect this sort of thing to be happening. 

The next part of our guide is coming soon, and if you liked the 5 facts above then stay tuned as we’re just getting you warmed up before we start spilling the beans on the more outrageous facts. 

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