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5 Crazy Sports Betting Facts

The sports betting world can often be a weird and wonderful place with various oddities and all sorts of goings on. Take a look below at the first part of our series on some of the wackiest facts to do with sports betting around the globe. 

1. Possibly The Best Use of 10p Ever was made by one lucky punter who placed a bey on Leicester City to the win Premiership at the start of the season. moneyThe odds stood at 5000/1, a bet most people wouldn’t give the time of day to. But these things do happen sometimes as we can see. A 500 pounds return on 10p must have been good but he/she will no doubt be wishing they placed that £20 note in their wallet on Leicester. It must have been a real killer for the bookies paying out on this one as despite the ridiculous odds a number of people did place a bet, mainly in the region of £5 or £10. Always good to see the bookies get a taste of their own medicine!

2. The Golfer John Daly Once Lost $1.6 million in just under 90 minutes on $5000 a spin slots in Las Vegas. He funded this particular outing with money from a tournament he had just placed 2nd in. golferOver the years he reckons he has blown a disturbing $50 million plus on his gambling addiction. Personally, I didn’t know golfers made that much but then again he was a big name. Such a waste though and truly tragic to think what that cash could have done for less privileged people.

3. The Global Sports Betting Industry is Worth £435 billion to £625 billion per year. This takes into account both legal and illegal bets. A truly staggering amount of money in anybodies book and enough to cure world hunger for at least twenty years! This is considering world hunger is estimated to cost £20 billion per year. When you compare the figures like that it really makes you think. 

4. Around 70% of All Sports Bets Globally Are Placed On Football. This is a fairly astonishing amount considering it’s calculated globally going to show just how popular the sport is and how many people are backing it adding to the thrill of the sport. fixed match

5. It is Believed That Around 1% of Football Matches Globally Are Potentially Fixed in some form. This figure comes from a sample of nearly 60,000 games that are specifically monitored for unusual betting patterns that would indicate some sort of foul play in altering the outcome of the game. A smaller number of these fixes are believed to be in Europe’s top leagues, around 300 or so which is a mind boggling amount in an arena that you really wouldn’t expect this sort of thing to be happening. 

The next part of our guide is coming soon, and if you liked the 5 facts above then stay tuned as we’re just getting you warmed up before we start spilling the beans on the more outrageous facts. 

The Best of Betfred Poker

If you are looking for a platform to explore your poker career then you should try out Betfred poker. This is one of the best poker rooms on the PlayTech iPoker network. This is a company that has established itself near the top of the online poker game to give you the best poker experience in the world. So what makes Betfred poker the best in the gambling world?

The software has what you can call the best looks and color theme for poker. It gives you the urge to play more and enjoy while at it. This is why thousands of players compete and win real money. So what you get from the site are real players, a secure environment and fast and smooth gameplay.

The site gives you a number of game tournaments to choose from. For instance, you can make a fortune out of a freeroll tournament. You can also try out the Sit & Go tournament or cash tables. All this different games allow you to exercise your strategy and win at it.

The great values on freerolls and tournaments is what makes this site gain much popularity. There is nothing as fulfilling at poker as being part of a movement. The traffic volume overall is the highest in the gaming industry. When you log in, you will be part of over 1000 ring-game players at peak hours and over 55000 tournament players at peak hours.

Poker has never been this interesting. Imagine having the freedom to choose a game type that suits your feelings. Or simply playing a game at your own pace and with as little or as much money as you want to spend.

Betfred poker does not guarantee you a win, but the good thing about it is that it offers you a chance to play real poker with real players. This is a fully regulated secure and fair environment. So it depends on how good you are. If you are really good then you can win as many games as your skills dictate.

The best part is that it is absolutely free to join. In order to keep you on the move, Betfred gives you 100% bonus promotion code when you sign up and make a deposit. This means that before you even start, you will have enough cash to make a good move. In fact, when you click download, the setup wizard will automatically download

The installation process is as easy as it can get. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to install the software. The annoying hidden add-ons that come with other software should not worry you when it comes to Betfred.betfred poker logo

After the installation, you can then log into the account then select a game of your choice and start playing cards right away. The games offered include Seven-Card Stud Hi, Hold’em, Five-Card Stud, Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo in both ring games. You can also enjoy the best of heads-up, sit-and-go and multi-table tournaments.

Other bonus code and promotions

There are lots of bonuses and promotions apart from the 100% sign up bonus. All this is targeted at increasing the player volume. There is a refer-a-friend bonus of $25 and a monthly loyalty bonus not forgetting the VIP scheme. You get lots of promotions and bonuses on Betfred.

Betfred has a dedicated player point system which works as part of the good VIP program. What determines the base for a player’s VIP level are the points earned every month. All players start at the “Iron” level and proceed through six levels to the “Platinum Plus”. The VIP has the liberty to choose how many player points are earned for every raked hand.

A player earns 8 points per $3.01 raked from cash game at the “Iron” level. There is also 15 points to be won per $1 in tournament fees still in the same level. On the other side, A “Platinum Plus” poker player will earn 18 points per $3.01 raked from cash game and a whole 40 points per $1 in tournament fees. The Betfred Poker’s monthly bonus cash system is also determined by the total points and VIP level.

So Betfred poker offers a number of loose games to allow you make a living out of poker. The decent software also gives you a peace of mind to play well even when the game pace is on slow side.

Betfred Casino Review

Gambling has never been this interesting. Whether you are an expert or a simple beginner who wishes to make a fortune out of gambling, Betfred casino gives you that opportunity. This is one of the largest online casinos and mobile gaming in the industry. You get a chance to enjoy a number of games powered by Playtech. So what makes Betfred Casino the best in the industry?

Bonuses and promotions

This site is known to give its players more than enough bonuses. There are the welcome bonuses that each player is entitled to. This is where you 100% up to £200 match up bonus by simply making your first deposit. There is also the Higher Roller Welcome Bonus. In this case, when you make your first deposit of £100 or more, you will get an extra £500 to get started. This means that before you even start the game, you will have enough money to play the game better. It is important to note that all the bonuses are subject to £ sterling exchange fluctuation.

Apart from the welcome bonus packages, the Bronze monthly VIP reload will get you going. This consists of 100% monthly reload bonus up to £100 with 20 x deposit plus bonus wagering requirements. At the silver level, you will earn yourself 100% up to 150 bonus.betfred square logo

The Gold VIP level gives you a chance to enter the Elite lounge which earns you more.

Subsequently, if you reach the Gold VIP level, you will enter the Elite lounge with over £1,500 for free every week. There are also special promotions that consider the games your play and your playing limits.

This is one of the few online gaming sites that gives you access to exclusive hospitality packages, luxury holidays and sporting events.

The Platinum VIP level earns you over £2,500 in cash every week. This is the level where you enjoy a direct contact with the manager. The unlimited table limits is the other privilege that makes this level unique.

The top tier of Betfred casino is the Diamond VIP that gives you over £3,500 in cash every week. This is the hall of fame according to Betfred. There are huge free cash drops, better comps rate, hospitality events and bigger reload offers. Once you get to this point, you will have all the privileges you have always wanted in your gambling career

Using Promotion code ‘FINGERS’

Things always get better at Betfred Casino. You can get free £5 no deposit bonus on the mobile version of Betfred. This is the latest fantastic offer that that gives new customers a chance to play on the site.

To get started, you need to register an account using the promotion code ‘FINGERS’. This means that when you register an account today, you will receive a £5 free bonus within an hour. You don’t have to deposit anything. Take a look over the full Betfred promo code guide on our sites front page to get bonuses for all sides of Betfreds site.

If you are already a registered Betfred customer who has never played any game before, you can also make use of this offer. You only need to stake a further £5 cash on whichever game you find suitable and get £5 whether you win or lose.

A Brief History of Betfred

Seeing its first light of day as far back as 1967, when the two brothers Fred and Peter Done opened the very first betting shop in Ordsall, Salford, Betfred is now one of the most prominent titles in the realm of sports betting. Fred Done started out in the bookmaking business when he was still a kid. Back then he was “a runner” for his dad, a bookmaker, collecting football bets from factories and pubs.fred done

The shop at Salford was heavily financed by the bet on England winning the world cup. Odds went in favor of the brothers, not so long afterwards ambitions kept escalating and the brothers decided on a second betting shop which was opened up in 1969. This was just the beginning for Betfred. At his shop, Done always referred to his clients as “Sir” and got them complementary drinks, he treated his business rather formally.

The growth meant no looking back! The brothers were in it for the long haul. Over time, Betfred has experienced exponential growth. Done, by 1997, had 100 shops. Eight years down the line that number had multiplied to 500 and by the time the government Done as the winner of the Tote auction, in his estate Done had over 840 betting shops.

Primarily, Done was concerned with the experience he accorded his clients, which served him great, doubling the number of shops was no mean feat.

One thing that Betfred was as well famous for is paying off their customers before the close and announcements of the game at play. This would prove to cost them a lump sum of cash down the line. In 1998, Done paid all of his customers who had bet on Manchester United winning the Premier League(Fred was, and still is a great fan of the club) only to have Arsenal go one point ahead of the Red Devils.

Today BETFRED has over 1300 shops in the UK and over 10,000 employees. Apart from Betfred’s vast popularity, moving online was as well a step in their advantage, stating the obvious, since it’s geometrically expanded their clientele.

Back in 2011, Betfred bought the Tote for £265 million, becoming the very first and only organisation licensed to allow tote betting on horses in the UK. Betfred also acquired the Tote’s 517 shops and and rebranded it as logo

Although its betting shops nationally have well expanded, Betfred’s headquarters remains close to Salford in Warrington — handily close to the Tote’s base in Wigan. And to think 10 years earlier, the big chains were looking at the Betfred business as potential takeover material, guess we can say the “odds” were not in their favor!

Betfred elicited its innovative nature of business, proving its relevance in the current times as shown by the recent introduction of the highly popular “goals galore” coupon. This is where stakers need to select five games where they think all the teams will score. As much as £1m is bet on that coupon every week, forcing his competitors to copy the idea, they have to style up after all.

Talking numbers, Betfred’s turnover in 2004 was more than £3.5 billion, having risen from £550 million in 2003. Venturing into horse racing, Betfred sponsors up to 700 events annually. Other than that, Betfred is one recognised for its sound advice to its clientele, this makes the experience they offer personal, definitely has customers coming back.

Check out the best Betfred offers on our homepage where you can use our promo codes for sports betting, bingo, casino and poker!

Why Bet At Betfred?


Betfred has a friendly interface and offers free betting bids in the United Kingdom. You will enjoy the services of this company since it is the only bookmaker at Wembley Stadium and is a trusted betting partner for the Tottenham Hotspur Premier League football club.

The Amazing Offers and Campaigns

It is no surprise that Betfred is the ‘Bonus King’. There are a number of special offers and bonuses from Betfred’s business. It is a working model that is beneficial to both the customers and the company. It has many promotions for telephone and internet customers.amazing!

The Betfred has come up with a number of inventive promotions like the Lucky 15. It also boasts of extending the pricing in the horse races. They also have the best prices among the racing games. It further offers lucrative bonuses on numerous bets.

In addition, Betfred has the reputation of paying bets early during the game even before the final decision. This makes it popular among its customers. The company website for this betting company has interesting offers, concessions and bonuses.

It is among the few online bookies which give better odds for one winner on the Lucky 15 bet. Furthermore, it has four times the chances of winning for Lucky 31 and five chances for Lucky 63. There are also special offers for new customers who register on, where a bet of £10 gets an offer of £30.

The other great benefit is that Football supporters can profit from Betfred’s Double Delight Hat-trick Heaven offer. This offer enables them to earn a bonus on their First Goalscorer bets. There is also the added benefit of cash back and free bet refund on all sports that is very enticing.

Those who bet on horse racing are also not left out. They can take advantage of Fallers Insurance in some of the National Hunt races which has the gain of Out Of The Frame Cashback. This means a free bet refund. In addition, Betfred has lucky enhancements for second finish and also many promotion codes that will let you get extra bonuses for various outcomes so as you get your bonuses that this company is famous for.

Numerous Betting Prospects

Betfred provides benefits in a wide number of sports which beats the competition. It also has an available console which customers can use for betting on major cricket, football and golf events. Some of the guarantee games are the U.K. horse racing which is a strong game. This game profits from early prices and huge bonuses. The bonus is as high as 100 percent on all correct Lucky 63

All in all, Betfred gives you very many opportunities to win in several matches. It is critical in race events, football matches and other sports.

Appealing Website

Betfred has a familiar website design that is similar to other bookmakers. It is a dependable Finsoft betting platform. You will love the home page which is organised and uncluttered. You will further be able to point out the major sports quickly. The website displays the offers and promotions which are linked to the different sports. Additionally, it gives an option for live betting.

It is easy to browse through the website because of its quick and familiar links. It particularly shows you where you can find the major events such as greyhound, horseracing, football and golf games. It has a welcoming experience.

Betfred directs customers to the winning bets at all times. It has higher odds and special bets. You further have the option to pay in different currencies. The major currencies are included for convenience, and the number of currencies are as many as 16.

In terms of payment, the customers can also achieve this through MasterCard, Visa, Delta, Maestro, Laser, Visa Electron, Check, Western Union, Citadel, Moneybookers, Neteller and Bank Wire. In addition, the website is legible in English and Spanish.

If you have not been sure up to this time, you should look at the benefits that Betfred gives. You will realise that it is a better alternative for betting.

Betfred Bingo Review

One reason you should like Betfred Bingo is that they have fair payout unlike many other betting sites out there. Read the following review to get the full lowdown on what they have to offer to new players.

1. Funding your account

There are many options through which you will be able to fund your BetFred account. You could use Skrill/Moneybookers, bank drafts, 1-Pay Cashier’s Cheques, International money order, PayPal, Western Union, Ukash, Personal Cheques, Instadebit, debit cards and credit cards as well.

2. Withdrawals

Withdrawing funds from your account is easy because you generally have to do it using the same method you used to deposit money into your account. If you reside in the U.K, the entire process will be very simple for you. But as for the offshore player who lives in the U.S or anywhere else, BetFred will subject them to a special verification process which requires the use of their IDs.There isn’t anything major though.

Of course you also have to keep in mind that minimum withdrawal amounts apply depending on how you withdraw your money. You could still withdraw amounts under the stated minimum. But you will have to incur additional fees for this to happen.

If you happen to make a deposit and fail to play it in full, you will incur some fees. If it sits there for nearly one month without requesting for withdrawal, BetFred will charge some fees to cover reasonable costs associated with the deposit or withdrawal.betfred bingo

Bonus and loyalty rewards

As of February 2016, BetFred requires you to bet £10 and get another £30 for free, though you can get some higher level bonuses when you sign up if you use a Betfred promo code. The site has also enhanced payouts across all sports. In Double Delight, you will have your reward doubled if your player scores the first goal and then happens to score a second time. Moreover, in Hat-trick Heaven, you will have your goalscorer price trebled if things work in your favour.

Betting coverage

BetFred is rich in football coverage. All English and Scottish leagues are covered. They’ve also included all European and International fixtures including African Nations Cup. Furthermore, they offer very reasonable win-draw-win bet prices. They cover a wide range of betting markets on most local and international sporting events.

Deposit and reload bonuses

BetFred has a great introductory bonus, cashback offers and promotions for its users to enjoy.When you make an initial deposit of £5 for instance, you will receive a 100% deposit match. In addition to this, they will add you another 50% deposit match if you make two more subsequent deposits worth at least £100 in total.winner!

When you visit the site, you will be greeted with a pop up message asking you to accept their terms of service. When you click accept, you will start enjoying the double funds right away.

Speaking in terms of wagering requirements, the first deposit and bonus must be rolled over 40 times so you can make withdrawals out of your winnings.

Friend referrals earn £50. If they deposit £50 and play it in the next 7 days, you will earn another £50. Conversation rates generally vary depending on your player status. Everyone joins at Bronze status, although they can easily work their way up to the Diamond status. The higher your rank is, the fatter your reload bonuses and exclusive offers will be.

Conclusion of BetFred Bingo Review

Generally, the Betfred bingo site has a solid reputation which makes it a credible site to rely on. Also, the vast nature of their bonuses and offers make it the number one choice for wagers in the U.K and also across the world. You should therefore consider trying it out.