The Best of Betfred Poker

If you are looking for a platform to explore your poker career then you should try out Betfred poker. This is one of the best poker rooms on the PlayTech iPoker network. This is a company that has established itself near the top of the online poker game to give you the best poker experience in the world. So what makes Betfred poker the best in the gambling world?

The software has what you can call the best looks and color theme for poker. It gives you the urge to play more and enjoy while at it. This is why thousands of players compete and win real money. So what you get from the site are real players, a secure environment and fast and smooth gameplay.

The site gives you a number of game tournaments to choose from. For instance, you can make a fortune out of a freeroll tournament. You can also try out the Sit & Go tournament or cash tables. All this different games allow you to exercise your strategy and win at it.

The great values on freerolls and tournaments is what makes this site gain much popularity. There is nothing as fulfilling at poker as being part of a movement. The traffic volume overall is the highest in the gaming industry. When you log in, you will be part of over 1000 ring-game players at peak hours and over 55000 tournament players at peak hours.

Poker has never been this interesting. Imagine having the freedom to choose a game type that suits your feelings. Or simply playing a game at your own pace and with as little or as much money as you want to spend.

Betfred poker does not guarantee you a win, but the good thing about it is that it offers you a chance to play real poker with real players. This is a fully regulated secure and fair environment. So it depends on how good you are. If you are really good then you can win as many games as your skills dictate.

The best part is that it is absolutely free to join. In order to keep you on the move, Betfred gives you 100% bonus promotion code when you sign up and make a deposit. This means that before you even start, you will have enough cash to make a good move. In fact, when you click download, the setup wizard will automatically download

The installation process is as easy as it can get. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to install the software. The annoying hidden add-ons that come with other software should not worry you when it comes to Betfred.betfred poker logo

After the installation, you can then log into the account then select a game of your choice and start playing cards right away. The games offered include Seven-Card Stud Hi, Hold’em, Five-Card Stud, Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo in both ring games. You can also enjoy the best of heads-up, sit-and-go and multi-table tournaments.

Other bonus code and promotions

There are lots of bonuses and promotions apart from the 100% sign up bonus. All this is targeted at increasing the player volume. There is a refer-a-friend bonus of $25 and a monthly loyalty bonus not forgetting the VIP scheme. You get lots of promotions and bonuses on Betfred.

Betfred has a dedicated player point system which works as part of the good VIP program. What determines the base for a player’s VIP level are the points earned every month. All players start at the “Iron” level and proceed through six levels to the “Platinum Plus”. The VIP has the liberty to choose how many player points are earned for every raked hand.

A player earns 8 points per $3.01 raked from cash game at the “Iron” level. There is also 15 points to be won per $1 in tournament fees still in the same level. On the other side, A “Platinum Plus” poker player will earn 18 points per $3.01 raked from cash game and a whole 40 points per $1 in tournament fees. The Betfred Poker’s monthly bonus cash system is also determined by the total points and VIP level.

So Betfred poker offers a number of loose games to allow you make a living out of poker. The decent software also gives you a peace of mind to play well even when the game pace is on slow side.

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